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College 125 First Name Last Name TeamSeed Info Attached
1 Kyle Akins Buffalo Yes
2 Brenden Calas Rider Yes
4 Gage Curry American University Yes
5 Tim Johnson Sacred Heart Yes
6 Brennen Liebel Rhode Island College Yes
7 Daniel Murray Rhode Island College Ithaca Invitational 6th Yes
8 ANTHONY PETRIL Kutztown University No
9 Guesseppe Rea Wilkes Yes
10 Spencer Reed Wilkes Yes
11 Franky Roman Rhode Island College Yes
12 Denzel Tovar Wilkes Yes
13 Jonathon Tropea Rider No
14 Zach Valcarce Rider 3rd @ EWL's last year Yes

College 133 First Name Last Name TeamSeed Info Attached
1 Angelo Barberio American University No
2 Pankil Chander Wilkes Yes
3 Garrett Clifford American University No
4 Alex Devito Rhode Island College Yes
5 Edwin Fiscal Wilkes Yes
6 James Giaccia American University Yes
7 JACKIE GOLD Unattached No
8 NICK LATTANZE Brown University No
9 Stephen Masi Rhode Island College All NE Region 6th Yes
10 Nick Moullette Wilkes Yes
11 THEO POWERS Brown University No
12 Blake Retell Buffalo Yes
13 Michael Scaravilli Rhode Island College 5-4; 1-0 at 133 (separate from Masi) Yes
14 Andy Schutz Bloomsburg University No
15 PIERRE SIMS Unattached No

College 141 First Name Last Name TeamSeed Info Attached
1 CHARLES BANASZAK Brown University No
2 Bradley Bihler Buffalo No
3 MITCH CAMP Kutztown University No
4 WILL CLARK NC State NHSCA Nat Champ, No
5 Kizhan Clarke American University Yes
6 Chris Cornell Sacred Heart Yes
7 NEZZAR DIMES Middlesex County College No
8 Jake Dorman Rhode Island College Yes
9 Matt Grossmann Wilkes Yes
10 Austin Hulse Sacred Heart Yes
11 Zach Lepre Rhode Island College Yes
12 Mark McCormick Rider No
13 Thomas Mountain Rhode Island College Yes
14 ZEKE SALVO Brown University No
15 SHAUN WILSON Unattached No

College 149 First Name Last Name TeamSeed Info Attached
1 John Barber Bloomsburg University No
2 Kyle Brady Sacred Heart Yes
3 Matthew Conte American University Yes
4 Jimmy Devine Buffalo No
5 Gino Fluri Rider Yes
6 Jovanni Gomez Rider Yes
8 SAM MARTINO Virginia No
9 Jacob Montes American University Yes
10 Elijah Murphy American University Yes
11 Adrian Nelson Sacred Heart Yes
12 Nate Newberry Bloomsburg University Yes
13 Mason Rambarose Sacred Heart Yes
14 Jesse Rodgers Rider Yes
15 Justin Yorkdale American University Yes
16 Ryan Yorkdale American University Yes

College 157 First Name Last Name TeamSeed Info Attached
1 Richard Aldarando Sacred Heart Yes
2 LUKE BOYLE Air Force Academy High School NE Champion and MA All State Champion No
3 Nick Carey American University Yes
4 Paul Curtin Sacred Heart Yes
5 JARED DIEHL Bloomsburg University Wrestling Club 1 time district qualifier No
6 Ryan Dougherty Bloomsburg University No
7 Vincent Drago Rhode Island College Yes
8 Kieran Duggan Wyoming Seminary Prep Yes
9 Zach Ford Rhode Island College 6-4 Yes
11 Casey Mitchell Sacred Heart Yes
12 Cole Moseley American University 2-5 Yes
14 Tom Page American University Yes
15 Alex Sebahie Rider No
16 JUSTIN STAUDENMAYER Brown University 2x NCAA Div. 1 National Qualifer No
17 Anthony Wokasch American University Yes

College 165 First Name Last Name TeamSeed Info Attached
1 Conner Allshouse American University Yes
2 CONOR BRENNAN Unattached D1 nationals Round of 12 in 2016. 3rd at the midlands tournement. No
3 Timothy Caplan Rhode Island College Yes
4 Michael Eckhart American University 7-5 Yes
5 Matt Fallon Sacred Heart No
6 Eric Fasnacht Buffalo No
7 Matt Fisher Sacred Heart Yes
8 Tom Grosso Sacred Heart Yes
9 Samuel Lindblom Rhode Island College Yes
10 Austin Weigel Buffalo Yes

College 174 First Name Last Name TeamSeed Info Attached
1 Mark Boyle Sacred Heart Yes
2 Dom Caporale Sacred Heart Yes
3 Dom Celli Sacred Heart Yes
4 Casey Glunt Bloomsburg University No
5 Prince Hyeamang American University Yes
6 GREG KLEINSMITH Brockport PA prep state champ, high school all-American No
7 Joe Salvi American University 2-6 Yes
8 Dean Sherry Rider Yes
9 Wayne Stinson Rider Yes
10 Joe Toci Sacred Heart Yes
11 Anthony Vetrano Bloomsburg University No
12 Domenic Vito Rhode Island College Yes

College 184 First Name Last Name TeamSeed Info Attached
1 JOHN BOYLE Western New England University MA HS D3 State Champ, Ranked 5th place in NE Region College No
2 Abraham Correa-Medina American University Yes
4 Michael Gallagher Rhode Island College Springfield Invite Place 5th Yes
5 Jason Grimes American University 7-4; Fall over Heino (Campbell) Yes
6 GREGG HARVEY Unattached No
7 ALEX MELIKIAN Binghamton University No
8 Sam Palumbo Rider No
9 Logan Rill Buffalo No
10 PHILIP STOLFI George Mason No
11 JACK WALSH Virginia No

College 197 First Name Last Name TeamSeed Info Attached
1 Mike Carfagno Rider No
2 JT Correll Wyoming Seminary Prep Yes
3 Xavier Ferrizzi Rider No
4 James Gottfried American University Yes
5 Javante Johnson Rhode Island College Yes
6 Jeric Kasunic American University 7-1; Returing place-winner, EIWA 5th, Ranked top 20, Dec over Hines (Air Force) Yes
7 Michael Kimbrough Rhode Island College Yes
8 Griffin Mills Rider No
9 JOSEPH PREVOST Keyport Wrestling Club No
11 TUCKER ZIEGLER Brown University No

College 285 First Name Last Name TeamSeed Info Attached
1 IAN BUTTERBRODT Brown University No
2 BENJAMIN CARRILLO Highline club No
3 Ryan Cloud Rider Yes
4 Mauro Correnti Rider 2016 NCAA Qualifier Yes
5 John Georges Rhode Island College Ithaca Invite finalist, Springfield 5th Yes
6 John Hartnett Sacred Heart Yes
7 Dan Hayden Sacred Heart Yes
8 Dan Herman Wyoming Seminary Prep Yes
9 Ian James Buffalo Yes
10 Jake Lill Wyoming Seminary Prep Yes
11 ADAM MANZONI East Stroudsburg University No
12 ALEX NICHOLAS Unattached No
13 Jake Scanlan American University Yes
15 Nolan Terrance Buffalo Yes
17 Saul Wilkins Bloomsburg University No
18 Jordan Zanni Rhode Island College Yes