Wilkes Open-Last Modified 12/17/14 08:27:44 pm

College 125 First Name Last NameTeam Attached Seed Info
1 Josh Antoine Nassau Community College Yes
2 Tyler Aslanian Wyoming Seminary College Prep Yes
3 Michael Beck Maryland Yes null
4 Austin Day New York University Yes 2x Fl State placer
5 Jacob Donato New York University Yes CA state placer/ 6th place at Ithaca
6 Jon Haas Bloomsburg No
7 Tim Johson Sacred Heart Yes
9 Danny Murray Nassau Community College No
10 JONATHAN MURRAY Rhode Island College No 2014 NCAA Qualifier
11 JOE Nelson Binghamton University No
12 Brandon Olsen Virginia Tech No
13 JOSH PATRICK Rutgers No
14 Guesseppe Rea Wilkes Yes
15 Michael Russo Brown Yes
16 CONNOR SHEEHAN Millersville No
17 Patrick Skinner Sacred Heart Yes
18 Johnny Stramiello Wyoming Seminary College Prep Yes
19 Yuan Wayne New York University Yes 7-6 record
20 Daniel Weiss Nassau Community College Yes
21 Charles Weiss Nassau Community College Yes
22 Dustin Zuzulock Wilkes Yes

College 133 First Name Last NameTeam Attached Seed Info
1 JP Ascolese Columbia Yes
2 COLBY EMS Edinboro No Pa states 4th, Mercyhurst 3rd
3 Camden Fischer Lehigh No
4 Michael Fleck Wilkes Yes
5 Cory Fleming Wilkes Yes
6 Tyler Goodwin Maryland No 2014 NCAA Qualifier, ACC Runner Up
7 Matthew Grossmann Wilkes Yes 2nd and 5th PA States
8 Joe Hill Nassau Community College No
9 Bryan Lantry Buffalo No
10 Jon Mele Lehigh No
11 Jackson Myers Virginia Tech No
12 Steven Nogradi New York University Yes 8-3 record/ Ithaca Invite champion
13 Robert O'Neill Sacred Heart Yes
14 SAMUEL OBERLANDER Millersville No
15 SAMUEL OBERLANDER Millersville No
17 Nathan Pike New York University Yes CA Juco Champion
18 JALEN RAMOS Rutgers No
19 Chris Reilly Maryland No
20 Blake Retell Buffalo No
21 Jean Romanenko Nassau Community College No
22 Joe Russ Nassau Community College Yes
23 Zeke Salvo Brown Yes
24 John Sherlock Nassau Community College No
25 Dean Somers Lehigh Yes
26 Tommy Stokes Wilkes Yes 8th PA States
27 Adam Whitesell Maryland No
28 Evan Zuzulock York (Pa) No 6-5 record

College 141 First Name Last NameTeam Attached Seed Info
1 Kashif Alston Wilkes Yes
2 Baby J Bannister Maryland No
3 James Bell Brown Yes
4 Bilal Bici Wilkes Yes
5 Kyle Brady Sacred Heart Yes
6 Pankil Chander Wilkes Yes 2013 Monarch 5/6, 2nd Wilkes Open
7 Matthew Evans Wilkes Yes
8 Anthony Finocchiaro Brown Yes 2013 2nd ESU Open, 4th Navy Classic
9 Edwin Fiscal Wilkes Yes
10 Max Good Bloomsburg No
11 JAWAN JONES Phelps School No
12 Brandon Jones New York University Yes 2x All-American/ranked #2 at 141
13 Brandon Lapi Buffalo No
14 Jake Legotte New York University Yes 2x NJ SQ
15 Matt Leshinger Columbia Yes
16 Nicholas Matthews New York University Yes 11-7 record
17 JOHN MULDOON SIUE No 6th place Harold Nichols Cyclone Open, 2nd place Joe Parisi Open fresh/soph
18 Jay Oakes Sacred Heart Yes
19 Gerald Ronnau Virginia Tech Yes
20 Rocco Russo Buffalo No
21 Daniel Sanchez Maryland Yes
22 Cortlandt Schuyler Lehigh No
23 Ryan Smith Wilkes Yes 10-10, 4th MAC Championships
24 Jacob Trybus Maryland No
25 Brandon Walker Maryland No
26 Mark West Nassau Community College Yes
27 Luiggi ynoquio Nassau Community College Yes

College 149 First Name Last NameTeam Attached Seed Info
1 Darryl Albonico New York University Yes 10-4 record
2 Shane Arechiga Maryland Yes 2012 Wilkes Open 5th
3 Derek Arnold Ursinus Yes 8-1/ Centennial Conf Champ, 5th East Region, 2nd Petrofes @ 157
4 Cameron Bowen Virginia Tech Yes
5 Jon Carrera Wyoming Seminary College Prep Yes
6 Solomon Chishko Virginia Tech No 3rd at 2014 Hokie Open, 4th at 2014 Penn State Open
7 BLAKE COHEN East Stroudsburg No
8 Brendon Colbert Bloomsburg No
9 Matt Coppola New York University Yes 3rd at Monarch/ 7-2
10 Richard Cruz New York University Yes
11 Paul Curtain Sacred Heart Yes
12 RJ DeGeorge Maryland No
13 Brandon Diaz Lehigh No
15 Daniel Downes Roger Williams Yes 39-12 career record
16 Anthony Duncan Maryland No
17 Morgan Fuller Wilkes Yes
18 Brendan Goldup Sacred Heart Yes
19 Danny Graham Buffalo No
20 Alex Harnsberger Sacred Heart No
21 Trevor Hoffmeier Buffalo No
23 Mattheos Lozier Virginia Tech No
24 Justin Maslow New York University Yes
25 Thomas McLoughlin Nassau Community College Yes
26 Taylor Misuna Virginia Tech No
27 James Palys Wilkes Yes
28 Matt Pente Maryland No
29 BILLY PORAY Luther College No
30 Nicholas Racanelli Wilkes Yes NJ SQ, Round of 12
31 Danny Reed Columbia Yes
32 Chad Saunders Virginia Tech No
33 TONY TOLBERT Delaware County Comm No
34 Andrew Tonnesen Wilkes Yes Region 4th
36 Brent Waterman Virginia Tech Yes

College 157 First Name Last NameTeam Attached Seed Info
1 Justin Alexander Maryland Yes
2 MATHEW CARR Unrostered No 2014 piaa aaa 4th
3 Ralph Cazzetta Nassau Community College Yes
4 SETH DECKER Millersville No
5 Ryan Dougherty Bloomsburg No
6 Grant Fetchet Columbia Yes
7 Matt Fisher Sacred Heart Yes
8 Samuel Friedfeld New York University Yes
9 Patrick Gerish Maryland No
10 Toby Hague Maryland No
11 Matt Herbert Sacred Heart Yes
12 Tyler Herzog Roger Williams Yes 44-10 record at RWU
13 Raymond Jazzikoff New York University Yes Ithaca runner-up/14-7 record
14 Lucas Kline Wilkes Yes
15 Adam Kritzer York (Pa) No 10-3 record, 2nd @ New Standard in 2014
16 Dylan Lojac New York University Yes
17 Sean Lombardi Wilkes Yes 2013 Monarch 5/6 @165
18 Justin Martinez New York University Yes
19 Casey Mitchell Sacred Heart Yes
20 Josh Ortman Bloomsburg No
21 Carter Page Virginia Tech No
24 Billy Ramsey Lehigh Yes
25 Sam Schwartzapfel Nassau Community College Yes
26 JOE SLANE Rhode Island No
27 Jake Spengler Virginia Tech No
28 WAYNE STINSON Rider No 4th BeatCat Open, 1st TCNJ Open, 2nd Mat Town Open
29 Stephen Turner Wilkes Yes 19-11, 2013 Monarch 5/6
30 Justus Weaver Virginia Tech No
31 Gordon Wolf Lehigh No
32 Alex Wolfe Bloomsburg No

College 165 First Name Last NameTeam Attached Seed Info
1 David Bergida Virginia Tech Yes
2 Dom Celli Sacred Heart Yes
3 Anthony Deprez Binghamton University No
4 Nicholas Elmer Drexel Yes 2014 National Collegiate Open runner-up
5 Ahmed Elsayed Brown Yes
6 Duely Espinal Nassau Community College Yes
7 DENNIS FERRO Roger Williams No
8 Tom Grosso Sacred Heart Yes
9 Anthony Guidice Maryland Yes
10 ZACH HEETER West Virginia No
11 Derek Holcomb Buffalo No
12 Auston Hummel Bloomsburg No
13 Ryan Kromer Buffalo No
14 Anthony Lombardo Binghamton University No
15 Mark Maloney Wilkes Yes PA SQ
16 Gaarett Marinelli New York University Yes 9-5 record
17 Mason Mcintyre Wilkes Yes 9-1 Career, 3rd Wilkes Open 2012..Injuried Last year
18 John Messinger New York University Yes 4th at Monarch/ 13-6 record
19 Sean O'Malley Maryland Yes
21 Mitchell Ramsey York (Pa) No 6th at New Standard Invitational 2014,
22 Inan Sikel Maryland No
24 Ryan Therrien Buffalo No
25 Johnny Vrasidas Sacred Heart Yes
26 Robert Wright Wilkes Yes

College 174 First Name Last NameTeam Attached Seed Info
1 Roman Accetta New York University Yes
2 Mark Boyle Sacred Heart Yes
3 Anthony Cable Wyoming Seminary College Prep Yes
4 Patrick Coover Lehigh No
5 Kyle Diesel Wilkes Yes NCAA NQ, Monarch 2nd
6 Alec Golner Roger Williams Yes 10-5 record this year
7 JOEY GONZALES millersville No
8 Dominic Holder Nassau Community College Yes
9 James Ilvento Wilkes Yes
10 Stephen Loiseau Drexel Yes 2014 PIAA State Champion
11 NICK MANCINI Millersville No
12 Brooks Morrison Virginia Tech Yes
13 Ryland O'Brien New York University Yes 2x VA state finalist/
15 Dan Ressler Roger Williams Yes 12-2 record this year, Kings College Finalist, Doug Parker Champion, 3rd at RWU Invite
16 Tyler Rhoads York (Pa) No 6th at Mideast Regional 2014, 2nd/Monarch 2014, 5th/NewStandard Invite 2014
17 Gio Santiago Nassau Community College Yes
18 Conan Schuster Sacred Heart Yes
19 Zack Small Nassau Community College Yes
20 William Sullivan Lehigh Yes
21 BRIAN VUTIANITIS Suny Cortland No
22 Jake Weber Buffalo No

College 184 First Name Last NameTeam Attached Seed Info
1 Elliott Antler Sacred Heart Yes
2 JEREMY BENTON Unattached No
3 Jacob Brook Wilkes Yes
4 JUSTIN CAPARCO Rhode Island No
5 James Corbett Brown Yes
6 Matt Doggett Columbia Yes
7 Josh Durso-Finley Brown Yes
8 Jonathan Guarino New York University Yes
9 HAYDEN HRYMACK Rutgers No Binghammton open 3rd place TCNJ Champ
12 James McNally Wilkes Yes 11-8
13 Chanse Menendez Maryland No
15 Jordan Nochimson Wilkes Yes
16 TONY PAFUMI Rutgers No
17 Patrick Sheehan New York University Yes 2013 National Qualifier/ 11-3 record this year
18 mark tracy Binghamton University No
19 Daniel VanBrunt Wilkes Yes
20 Levi Veppert Wilkes Yes 24-15, 2013 Monarch 4th
21 Zack Zavatsky Virginia Tech No

College 197 First Name Last NameTeam Attached Seed Info
1 Brian Anderson New York University Yes 16-7, 5th at Monarch, 4th at Ithaca
2 Eric Bach Wilkes Yes NCAA NQ
3 James Benjamin Buffalo No
4 Dom Carfagno Bloomsburg No
5 Dylan Devine Maryland No
6 William Gockel-Figge New York University Yes CA Juco Champion/ CA HS state placer
7 Sebastien Levin Brown Yes
8 Brandon Litten Drexel Yes 2014 National Collegiate Open 5th
9 Josh Murphy Drexel Yes 2x OH State Place winner, Ironman/Beast Placer
10 Tom Murray Lehigh No
12 Sasha Oliink Sacred Heart Yes
13 David Reck Virginia Tech Yes 1st at the King Open, 3rd at the Hokie Open
14 John Shorter York (Pa) No 3rd/Monarch 2014, 2nd/New Standard Invite 2014, 16-4
16 Freddy Vidal Nassau Community College Yes
17 Garrett Wesneski Maryland No 2014 TCNJ Open Champion, PIAA 3rd Place Finisher in 2014

College 285 First Name Last NameTeam Attached Seed Info
1 John Austin Wilkes Yes
2 ZAC BENNETT all american No acc champ
3 Connor Calkins Binghamton University No
5 MAURO CORRENTI Broncs Wrestling Clu No 3rd TCNJ Open 2014
6 Nick Dawson Wilkes Yes
7 Grady DiAntonio Sacred Heart Yes
8 DAN ESTRICHER Modern Day Gladiator No
9 Alex Foley Drexel Yes 2x NJ State Qualifier
10 Joseph Goodhart Drexel Yes 2014 PA State 7th
11 John Hartnett Sacred Heart Yes
12 Daniel Hayden Sacred Heart Yes
13 Ian James Buffalo No
14 Ryan Kail Maryland Yes
15 NICK LASHELL Rutgers No
16 BRIAN LUSSIER Cherry Hill No
17 David Oberrender Wilkes Yes Placed in Monarch FR-YR Years...was out last year
18 Jenard Richmond Nassau Community College Yes
19 Mike Silvis Buffalo No
20 Mike Spencer York (Pa) No 4th/New Standard Corp Invite, 14-7
21 David Wilke Wilkes Yes PIAA 8th (Played football last 2 years)
22 DAVID WUESTNER Millersville No 6th @ Washington and Jefferson Invitational